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Clarissa Viaggi

T: (+39) 090 9240248 - (+39) 331 2456838




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T: (+39) 090 9240249 - (+39) 331 2456838

Transfer by bus, minibus, taxi, Catania - Milazzo



Daily shuttles Catania Airport - the port of Milazzo - Aeolian Islands 

The Catania Fontanarossa Airport is the closest airport to Milazzo, the main port for the Aeolian Islands. The daily Catania airport transfer service - Aeolian Islands that offers Clarissa Viaggi, allows in less than 100 minutes to reach the port of Milazzo and boarding for the Aeolian Islands. The transfer service is provided by bus and mini bus newly registered.

The collective daily transfer Clarissa Viaggi provides 7 trips (round trip) coinciding with the major aircraft arrivals from all over Italy and Europe.

The passenger who bought the service, will have the maximum assistance, upon arrival at the airport of Catania and / or hydrofoils terminal at the port of Milazzo and or staff will wait at:

> Catania airport: ARRIVALS in the front of the 2 bars inside the airport with a sign.


> Port of Milazzo: in front of the hydrofoil terminal with a sign.


The driver who performs the service, attend the passengers in the loading and unloading of luggage of the vehicle used during the trip.

Catania Fontanarossa Airport Journey to the port of Milazzo and vice versa, is done through the highway, exit to the Aeolian Islands is that of Milazzo at about 7 km from the port of embarkation for the Aeolian Islands.

The driver, before leaving, check that all passengers have fastened their seat belt and children sitting on the appropriate seat according to law. During the transfer, pets are allowed and installed in their cages.

Catania Airport - Port of Milazzo - Aeolian Islands is regulated by specific rules that the passenger must consider, before payment. Can use the service, passengers who booked and paid in terms highlighted in the travel conditions. fundamental and mandatory clauses of the standards is to be developed at least 30 minutes before departure and the reservation must be accepted by Clarissa Viaggi by email and / or fax.

Taxi service is a personalized transfer to the exclusive use of the applicant and will be carried out by vehicles according to the number of passengers. For taxi service, used, vehicles of all kinds, such as Mercedes, Audi, Peugeot, with a maximum capacity of 3 people. For smaller groups, Minibus 8/13/32 seats, for large groups, G. T. bus 54 seats.

The customer at the time of payment, must communicate the arrival time:

> if you arrive by plane, all the flight details with a mobile number, 

> in case of arrival of the Aeolian Islands, the passenger must notify the departure time of the island, the name of the shipping company and a phone number.


In both cases, the driver waiting for you at the meeting mentioned above with a sign. Once in the car, and all the controls done, direct departure.

The service of transport "Land / sea" Fontanarossa airport of Catania - Milazzo - Aeolian Islands, is a full service. The passenger would not have to worry, once arrived at Milazzo of the ticket of the boat / hydrofoil to reach the island of destination. Because Clarissa Viaggi will book the ticket to the shipping company reserving seats on the boat with the closest departure time arrival at the port of Milazzo.

Ticket reservation must be paid in advance by the customer and the TAXI service and will be delivered by the driver. If the client cancell the service, the cost of the ticket will not be refunded. 

The service transfer by hydrofoil / speed boat from the port of Milazzo to the Aeolian Islands and vice versa is carried by shipping companies, the role of Clarissa Viaggio is the seat reservation on the boat. In case of cancellation for any reason, and the client can not reach the intended destination, the Clarissa Viaggi is not responsible for any inconvenience. The only refund that Clarissa Viaggi would have to do would be the ticket of the boat from Milazzo - Aeolian Islands.



Clarissa Viaggi

Via Luigi Rizzo 23 - Porto di Milazzo

T: (+39) 090 9240248 - (+39) 331 2456838


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taxi transfer catania aeroporto milazzo porto trasferimenti catania aeroporto milazzo porto ncc catania milazzo noleggio con conducente da catania a milazzo porto aeroporto